Sunday, January 02, 2011

Laugh Out Loud: Living with Joy and Humor

I can't think of a better way to start a brand new year than with joy and humor. A few weeks ago, I won The Plan A Woman in a Plan B World by Debbie Taylor Williams (ISBN: 9780891126416) from Renee of A Path of Joy. I was going through my bookshelves to pick out books that I'd like to take back with me to Penang, and this one caught my attention. I flipped through the pages and the last part, Laugh Out Loud: Living with Joy and Humor beckoned me.

I'd like to share with you snippets from the Eight Ways to Develop a Sense of Humor on pages 213 and 214:

Recognize the value of humor | Spend time with people who have a sense of humor | Practice friendliness | Make a point of being around people | If you work from home or are housebound most of the time, seek out humorous reading material | When you're down or out, look for things to smile about—a funny little bird, your pet's antics, [...]—now, that'll get you chuckling | Share something humorous with another person each day via email, over the phone, or in person | Ask God to help you see the lighter side of life.

I love laughing out loud. I also love curling up on the sofa at home reading a good book. Now, I also look "stressed" and intimidating half the time, so it's hard to "read" me, but really, I'm very predictable. I love surrounding myself with humorous people. I love engaging with people. But I also love being alone with myself. This chapter says that whatever it is that makes you tick, you can develop humor through use and repetition. All of us can practice to look for things to smile about!