Sunday, January 16, 2011


I seldom watch local productions and the only one I remember worth watching was Sepet, directed by the late Yasmin Ahmad. Today, thanks to my mom and sister Catherine who had wanted to watch Great Day at the cinema, I thoroughly enjoyed something that I didn't know I would like so much.

Really, I did not expect to enjoy it but from the moment the movie started, I loved it to bits. The music, the scenic views, beautiful composition, and the cast members made the movie memorable. I think they were all very well chosen for the roles they play.

Great Day is produced by Astro, directed by Chiu, and I heard the casts are mostly DJs from MY FM. I think I spotted one or two of them from the post I did for its 10th anniversary concert I was invited to attend as a blogger in 2008.

This, my friends, is a heartwarming, funny and touching movie set in rural Perlis. The story opens with a boy cooking noodles and frying an egg. And then he takes both dishes out and hands one of the plates to his father. They eat together.

A group of old folks live together in the colorful building you see in the first picture below. Two of the elders, "Hokkien Mee" and "Kong Fu Chao", stood out particularly. Although on the surface they seem to be bickering a lot, they really are two very good friends. They have plans to go to the city Kuala Lumpur to visit their families, but without the knowledge of the person-in-charge of the home. "Hokkien Mee" manages to do so and so discovers the truth about his family. The lives of the characters are intertwined and they really care for each other although they are not related. They live a simple, happy life.

This beautiful paddy field is the place where the old folks live and I love the cheerful colors amidst the green surroundings.
Some of my favorite actors in Great Day are this father-and-son pair. The son:The father:
One of the scenes during school sport's day.
"Hokkien Mee" goes shopping in the market for ingredients to cook assam laksa.
The family enjoying the delicious assam laksa cooked by their father, a dish that "Hokkien Mee" does very well. The guy who is eating happens to be my favorite person too. He (a photographer) doesn't usually wear "preppy" clothes like that but to please his father, he decides to change from his usual trendy, creative clothing to this.

The movie made me laugh. It made me cry. There are lots of funny moments. And touching ones too. There is nothing complicated in its plot, perhaps nothing new too. But still, it is a story that is worth watching and meaningful.

彩虹的家 is the movie's lovely theme song. Although I can't read Chinese but I sure speak and understand the language. The video also incorporates some of the movie footage.

天天好天 also has a Facebook page so if you like the movie, don't forget to visit its Facebook page too! And while you're at it, do visit the blog. It's in Chinese but if you can't read it, that's OK, because there are lots of pictures from the movie and behind-the-scenes.

I only wish they have something written in English so that I could do a better job providing more information about it here.