Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fun, Retro Photography with Instagram

Here's an iPhone application that I have been keeping busy with (as my Facebook friends would know) for the past weeks. It's called Instagram and it's so much fun to use, I tell you. Do follow Instagram on Twitter and their blog if you wish.

This is a batch of some of the latest photos taken yesterday in an outing with friends. We enjoyed these delicious-looking food at Dragon-i, Queensbay Mall, Penang.

So, what is so cool about this tool?
  1. You can take pictures with it (obviously...).

  2. You can apply filters to it to make it look really retro. There are a variety of filters and my favorites are Earlybird, Toaster (usually great for food photography), Hefe (also cool for food), Poprocket (this has a nice reddish tone to it), and 1977 (that's the year I was born but that's not the reason for my liking it, haha!).

  3. You can then share pictures with sites like Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook.

  4. It works like a social network site, and you can "like" and comment on the photos. So effortless to use.

  5. It's FREE!

Do you play with Instagram too? If you own an iPhone and haven't already tinker with it, you should. I'll be showing more of my Instagram pictures on Wordless Wednesday. Stay tuned!