Monday, November 08, 2010

A Special Mailbox Monday

Mailbox Monday is one of my favorite memes hosted by Marcia at The Printed Page. I have been cutting down on book buying, which is why you don't see me doing much for Mailbox Monday.

This week is special to me because I received Morning Is a Long Time Coming from Bette Green, her sequel to Summer of My German Soldier; Flat Stanley from Mississippi; and a thank-you card from Deborah and her greyhound Thea.

I've started reading Morning Is a Long Time Coming and it's nice revisiting Patty Bergen again. I've read Summer of My German Soldier some time ago and loved it.

It was a pleasant surprise to receive a thank-you card (love the quotes!) from Deborah, Thea's mommy. Thea is a 9-year-old greyhound who jumped from a second story window more than two months ago and broke her two front legs. I found out about her story from Wisteria and decided that I must chip-in. I wish Thea a speedy recovery! And Deborah, you're a great mommy to Thea.

Last but not least, here's Flat Stanley to you!
Here's a little bit more about Flat Stanley. I'm sure you're curious to know more about this project by New Hope Elementary in Mississippi. They even have a blog; check out Mrs. Buxton's and Mrs. Hayes' 2nd and 3rd grade MERIT classes FLAT STANLEY!

Dear Flat Stanley Friend,

Our class just read the book Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown. In this funny story a boy named Stanley Lambchop is flattened by a bulletin board. He doesn't get hurt, but the doctor measures him at four feet tall, a foot and a half inch thick! Stanley has many adventures. He gets mailed to California, flies like a kite and even pretends to be a painting to catch sneak thieves in an Art Museum. In the end his brother inflates him back to normal with a bicycle pump.

Enclosed is my very own Flat Stanley that I created along with a friendly letter I wrote you as well as some artifacts from our hometown and state. Please help Stanley to have further adventures during his visit with you. Then in two weeks send him back home in the enclosed stamped envelope along with letters, drawings, and photos to tell us about his time with you. Please be sure to include a letter explaining all that Stanley was able to see and do while with you.

This is a primarily a Geography project so please also include information about where you live and what it's like there.

I'd be sure to take good care of Flat Stanley and take him around Penang and Kuala Lumpur. So Christopher, he'll return to Mississippi with lots of story to tell you! Thank you, Tammy (Christopher's mommy) for making me a part of the fun Flat Stanley project!