Wednesday, November 03, 2010

QuaChee, Hot Guy Reads Books (And a Published Author!)

When QuaChee (or QC for short) agreed to becoming a guest blogger on my Hot Guy Reads Book series, I thank my lucky stars. Reading what QC wrote got me nodding vigorously—his hunger for knowledge, his statement of "there's no better place to get it than from books," his passion for non-fiction, and so much more—everything resonated with me and what I believe. And it doesn't hurt if he looks hot while doing it!

Today, I am happy to introduce you to QuaChee, a great bookish friend who also has a huge online presence. He even owns an online bookstore,!

Please join me in welcoming QC!

Meet QuaChee, a hot guy who turns his passion for reading into a business!

Hello, my name is QuaChee
Reading is not something Malaysians would do as a top priority. But still, there are readers out there. And I'm one of them.

Well, I'm not your prized, or iconic bookworm. In fact, I'm far from it. Like many of my country men and women, I read a lot of non-fiction, mainly business books, self-helps, motivational books or biographies.

The reasonwell, I'm an entrepreneur, and I'm hungry for knowledge and to me, there's no better place to get it than from books. I guess, it's just like in school, we study to score in the exams, and here I am, reading to score in business. :)

While those books appeal to me, another type of books that I likeand collectis picture books (a.k.a coffee-table books). I'd just buy them as long as I find the pictures inside are beautifulfrom holiday destinations to interior designs, and even cookbooks. I don't cook, but just love collecting these books. I also like comics and mangas, too, though to a smaller extend.

The First Book
Anyway, that's how I got started in this business of mine, the book business. Yes, it is for the love of beautiful pictures. It was five years ago when I embarked on my dream project, which is to publish a beautiful book with great pictures. The dream was so 'real' and 'intense', that I could just sense that it will be published. And true enough, a year later, it was published. The book is Batik Inspirations.

Batik Inspirations one of the projects closest to my heart, partly maybe because it's just like first love where there's always something extra special about it. And also, I guess the power of visualization was so real.

The Second Book
Two years later, a second book is published with a topic close to my heart, too, 50+1 Malaysia (to celebrate my nation's 51st birthday). Between these two projects and lots of time spent on marketing these books (I took over a year marketing my first book), I can proudly say that my book is available in many bookstores in Asia (woo hoo!).

QuaChee with his two creations

My Online Bookstore
Anyway, it is through this experience that I began to realize why not help fellow publishers to market their books as well. Hence, earlier this year on 8th March, I launched an online bookstore and distribution services, The theme and aim is to promote Asian books, both online and offline. and the business is relatively young, and has gone through many changes and still would, so all I can say for now is, "stay tuned." :)

Quick Book Facts From Me (Personal Opinion)
  1. I'm in full support of e-books, though I think once the doors are wide open here in Malaysia, the book players will see some big changes underway.
  2. The book market, like the media industry, is a little complicated here in Malaysia as we have to deal with books from three major languages: English, Malay and Chinese.
  3. I'm in support for a higher Malaysian Ringgit, so that then, the books will be cheaper and more affordable for all. And this, hopefully, will be an incentive for more to pick up reading.
  4. People should read to widen their knowledge. Sure, watch TV, surf the Internet, play Wii, go traveling, sports, and do everything else, but we should put reading books in our list too.
I must add that, to me, books just like the Internet, which is part of media. And for me, that's something I'm very much into. My other works include a web-series and I do have other media projects, too, but that's another story. :)

To Alice: Many thanks for this opportunity to appear and write in your blog! It took me a while to take those photos and write this article, but I couldn't be happier! :)

Thank YOU, QC, for taking time off your busy schedule to do this. I know you told me you took more than 2 hours to write this! I must let you know that I appreciated it very much. I wish you all the best in your book business and you're a wonderful inspiration to us booklovers. You take that dream and turn it into a reality! Also many thanks for the photos.

I also have plans to invite QC to make another appearance to talk about his web-series and other media projects. They are too good to be missed!

I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I have enjoyed hosting QuaChee for this "issue" of Hot Guy Reads Book!