Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Giving Thanks Challenge

Please scroll down for the latest post. This is a sticky from 1st November through 30th.

I'm thankful...

  1. ...that I'm alive!
  2. ...for being blessed with a pair of good legs to walk home after work.
  3. ...that I have a cozy apartment to shelter me in Penang.
  4. ...that I have a wonderful and supportive family.
  5. ...for a wonderful job that I enjoy so much doing.
  6. ...for the ability to read and write.
  7. ...for wonderful friends around the world.
  8. ...for the weather that cooperated with me because the moment I got home today from my walk back from the office, it rained and I was spared from getting wet!
  9. ...for the gift of sleep.
  10. ...for the books that are waiting to be read (or re-read) in my personal library.
  11. ...for my friend, John Valeri who took the time to write for my blog a very interesting post about his literary lust and love affair with books.
  12. ...for my friend, Nicholas Scheitlin, who peppers my Facebook wall with his regular random comments.
  13. ...for the most important woman in my life: MY MOM! Happy Birthday, Mom!
  14. ...for Facebook because through it I found old and new friends.
  15. ...for my colleague Lynne who sent me home today and because of that I was spared from the rain. It started raining at about 6.20 p.m. and that's usually the time I would have covered 80% of my walk home.
  16. ...cheap back issues of magazines so that I get my fix without breaking the piggy bank.
  17. ...for my taxi driver and his family.
  18. ...for good appetite.
  19. ...for all the safe flights when I travel home.
  20. ...that Barbara L. had a good move into her new home and is now back online!
  21. ...for all the wonderful home-cooked meals when I'm back home in Kuala Lumpur.
  22. ...for the opportunity to meet with my colleagues from outside of Malaysia (Chengdu, Shanghai, Beijing, Bangalore, and Singapore) during the 3-day Account Leaders Workshop. Not forgetting the local team too!
  23. ...that I have my teddies to accompany me in bed when I sleep.
  24. ...for the smooth running of the 3-day workshop (see Day 22) and for a good conclusion. What a great team we have!
  25. ...for a new friend and co-worker, Scott C. I'm now carpooling in his car to go to work and home (thank you, Scott!). Also, I'm thankful for all my friends in the US and I'd like to join them in wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!
  26. ...for the yummy pizza lunch treat by colleague, Gary T.
  27. ...for the car park rooftop that doubles as a mini recreational place where I live. I've found an alternative for my daily walks now that I get rides to and from work from Scott.
  28. ...for great bargains that helped me save lots!
  29. ...for peace.
  30. ...that Jim Hooper, author of A Hundred Feet Over Hell wrote to me and for his thoughtfulness in sending a bookplate. (Thank you, Jim!)