Thursday, November 25, 2010

Do you remember David M. Beshears? It's his birthday soon, so please come sign his birthday e-card!

Do you still remember the story of David M. Beshears on my blog way back on May 30 this year? I invited his father (also David) to guest blog after I'd read his book Climb the Mountain, and he had shared the story of his son, a soldier who was severely injured in an IED (improvised explosive device) in Afghanistan. He shared about his son's journey to recovery, the idea of the community center, and how the book came to be.

Please go to, click on "Please sign David's Birthday Card" which is located in a box with the header "Community Center for David".

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the US and I think this is a wonderful opportunity (out of the many things to be thankful for) to express our thankfulness and appreciation for what this wonderful man had done for his country and people. Please help spread the word, do something nice and go wish David Happy Birthday by signing the birthday e-card his dad has created for him!

P/S: If you don't know his story, you can read his dad's post here.