Monday, November 15, 2010

Dim Sum Lunch with Family at Oriental Pavilion (Happy Birthday, Mom!)

Okay, lets take a short break from bookish affairs and come enjoy food with me. You would have heard about "dim sum" from some of my previous posts, but this time it's special. Before I jump in, here's a short background about dim sum.

点心 pronounced as "dim sum" in Cantonese or "diǎn xin" in Mandarin, is
a Chinese tradition of "yum cha" or drinking tea. I took the shortcut and snagged the history of "dim sum" from Wikipedia that says: Dim sum has its roots in travelers on the ancient Silk Road needing a place to rest. Thus tea-houses were established along the roadside. Rural farmers, exhausted after working hard in the fields, would also go to tea-houses for a relaxing afternoon of tea. Today, dim sum is served throughout China and various parts of the world.

So here we were, my family and I (although not as farmers), enjoyed our dim sum at a Chinese restaurant called Oriental Pavilion on a beautiful Saturday afternoon for celebration of Mom's birthday. My sister Vivian made a surprise trip all the way from Sydney (she arrived on Friday morning) and I came back from Penang on Friday night. The dim sum lunch was the first of many "makan-makan" (food sessions) for the weekend.

My Mom with her six kiddos: Happy Birthday, Mom!

Let the noming (eating) begin! Even the chopsticks at the restaurant is so pretty.

My mom's favorite dish: "siu yuk" (pork with lots of "juice" i.e. fat)

The tasty fried carrot cakes

Fish porridge

Fried yam with barbecued pork filling (this dish was good...)

Delicious fish balls

"Siu mai"

I can't recall what these are called but the white stuff is fish paste (also delicious!)

"Lo mai kai"

Egg Tarts and "tau fu far" (last picture) for desserts

I took the photos using Vivian's Canon point-and-shoot. The camera produces great pictures! What you see above are only some of the dishes we ordered. Now, if you have the chance do try the dim sum at Oriental Pavilion (Address: Jaya 33, P1-04 Jalan Semangat, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia; Telephone: +603 7956 9288). The food is great and so is the service. Vivian, thank you so much for the wonderful treat!