Thursday, October 14, 2010

Today is the Day! Virtual Blog Tour with Sherry Gloag

Over at Peony’s Pleasure Cafe (PPC), author Sherry Gloag shares with readers her life as a romance author, what inspires her to write romance, and many more. She doesn't write about lustful romance; it's just not her. Please come support Sherry as she shares about her debut novel, The Brat.

Here’s a glimpse of the question posted to her and her answer:

Where do you get your romantic or lustful inspiration?

I see two distinct questions here. One I have problems with in relation to ‘romances’, and the other, the line I took with The Brat. –Does that make sense?

So many ‘romances’ are based on nothing more than a lustful relationship, and I find when I come to the end of such books I feel ‘let down’ if not down-right bored. At the end of the day, they sell, so they must be right, but not for me. So on the ‘lustful’ aspect of this question I have a ‘non-answer’.

The romantic inspiration can be found anywhere. In the palm of your hand, in a flower, the turn of a head, in a baby’s cry, the angle of a sunbeam, the tone of someone’s voice, a look, a scent, so many things, too many to continue. Read more...