Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Saturday That Turned Out Well...

It was an exciting Saturday I tell you. This is my story:

In which Alice was locked out of her apartment
I decided to walk out (this was before discovering the knob was faulty) and go to my favorite kopitiam (coffee shop) to have lunch. Turned out that my favorite fried rice aunty was not working that day so I ordered chicken rice instead. It wasn't in the plan to go shopping on that day, but I needed to run some errands so I decided to call my regular taxi driver to come pick me up and go to the shopping mall.

So I walked back to my apartment after lunch. I was at the doorstep and I can't get in. The door knob decided to go on a riot against me. I fidgeted with it for five minutes. Then I decided to call my engineer friend from Intel who is also the person who introduced the landlord of the apartment to me. He will only be around after 7 p.m. but that's fine. Then my cabbie arrived. I went shopping in my drab t-shirt (hey, I was only walking out to have lunch!) and thank goodness, in a pair of good jeans and shoes.

In which Alice then went shopping at Queensbay Mall, Penang

I plonked myself at BORDERS after spending time at Esprit, Mango and Forever 21. Forever 21 has been my favorite fashion store because I can find clothes, especially cute tees, that I really like. I bought some really pretty knitted cardigans from Esprit and Mango for my upcoming trip to the US end of December this year and the whole of January 2011. I'm mad about knitwear!

While reading in Starbucks at BORDERS, a guy came over to my table and it turned out that he's dumb and deaf. He showed me a card and asked if I would like to be so kind to donate by way of buying these beautiful souvenirs. I did. He gestured that it'd be MYR6 (~US$2) for 1 and MYR10 (~US$3) for 2. I made a V sign to indicate I wanted 2. So I now have these two lovely items to hang on my bookshelf.

In which Alice helped a young girl at the shopping mall
I finished shopping and was ready to go home to my apartment and face that faulty door knob. The consolation was that my engineer friend will be there to help me. So I walked out of the shopping mall to wait for my driver.

While waiting, a young girl came to me and told me that her cell phone had ran out of juice and she was waiting for her friend and she didn't know where they were. So I asked her if she knew her friend's cell phone number and amazingly, she remembered the digits. She recited them and I punched them into my nearly-dead phone (remember I was locked out of my apartment so I couldn't pack the necessary items such as phone charger, Starbucks flask, etc., with me?). I let her speak to her friend, but she didn't understand where they were so I took over the phone. Thank goodness I speak Mandarin because these kids converse in Chinese.

I waited with the young girl. I had to call her friends a few times just to make sure they know where to find her. It proved to be quite a challenge, but they found each other at the end. The mall is really quite huge with a few entrances (North, Central and South Zones). The total waiting time was 20 minutes and the timing was quite good because seconds after they reunited, my taxi arrived. The traffic congestion had caused my driver to arrive late, but enabled me to help this girl. She ran excitedly to her friends, but remembered to turn back to wave goodbye at me. I waved back.