Sunday, October 17, 2010

In Which Alice (Finally) Built Her Bookcases

These two sets of D-I-Y bookcases have been sitting in my apartment for weeks and I finally have the time to build them. These basic shelves cost only MYR49 (USD$15) per set. I whipped out my IKEA toolbox and set to work. I have done quite a few of these, so it's really easy! The whole process took me longer than expected because I was multitasking between getting up and down chatting on Facebook and MSN Messenger, and putting the pieces together. Great "workout" I must say. The first set of pictures is taken using my iPhone and the second one my Nikon camera.

My IKEA toolbox and how my bookcase came into being.

TAH-DAH! The end result.

I decided to position them this way instead of the conventional upright position. I also put them near to my sofa so that I can easily pull out the stuff I want to read. They're mostly magazines.

In the background of the second picture, you will see a row of books. Those are my reading challenges books. I have decided to put them outside instead of hidden in my other bookshelf (not in picture) so that I can see them and be reminded that I have to try my best to read them before 2010 ends.