Sunday, October 03, 2010

Day 1: Blogfest Asia 2010 (Party with 988)

Although I did not attend Day Two and Three of the Blogfest Asia 2010 event (here's why), I did attend the first day for its welcome dinner at QEII. I arrived early and the 988 radio station crew members were there too. And, although I don't read or write Chinese, I speak the language (I'm a Chinese, remember? Haha!). These hosts were lovely and very funny.

I went closer to check it out...

The 988 crew were there to entertain and pass out goodies to bloggers!

And then she spotted me. "Yes... yes... YOU, Miss, in the striped blouse... *pointing at me* come over to get your goodies!"

Check this out. They had lots of goodies to be given away. Just look at the back of the vehicle!

"Don't move," the guy said, "there's a creepy crawly on your hair!" And the girls went: "ARRRRRGHHHHHHH!!!"

"Come, come, don't be shy." The guy just stood there.
"Really one. It's for you. Take!..." And the guy just stood there...

And finally, Yours Truly was one of the three "marked" to do the catwalk with a black bag. And being the last to go, I was required to catwalk inside a hula hoop swingin' mah hips. Happy to know I made so many people laugh...

I walked away with a black bag and some facial care products. Lucky me! I waited for my new friend, Jo Lau, to arrive. Come see us here!