Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Today is the Day! Virtual Blog Tour with Kele Moon

Over at Peony’s Pleasure Cafe (PPC), author Kele Moon shares her thoughts about why romance is art and I find myself agreeing with her. I urge you to visit her at PPC and share your thoughts too. Your comment does two things: 1) gives you a chance to win the author’s giveaway of US$25 Amazon/Barnes & Noble gift certificate; and 2) help make me the host with highest comments, (thus, making YOU eligible to be entered for the giveaway). Help me spread the news and come support Kele!

Here’s a glimpse of Kele’s guest post:

Beyond Eden, my first novel, was just released from Ellora’s Cave on September 8th. Dark and edgy, it’s also a tale of true love that defies the odds as three lifelong friends come together in this erotic Garden of Eden themed romance. A rustically beautiful lake house is the setting for my modern day Eden where Danny, Paul and Eve find the beauty of love and the sweet torment of temptation, recreating the original love story in the rural outskirts of Tampa.

As a writer of romance, more so, erotic romance, I often times find myself dealing with naysayers who feel romance is not real literature. Quite honestly, I’m always a bit stunned by this response. Passion, temptation, love and heartbreak, common themes in romance novels are tools used by some of the greatest writers of all time. What does it say of our modern society when horror, crime, suspense and other genres are considered real fiction, where as novels about passion and love isn’t? Read more…