Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mini Steamboat at My Apartment (And, Early Birthday Celebration)

Thursday was a holiday in celebration of Malaysia Day, and my mom and two sisters (Rose and Catherine) came to Penang to visit me. They stayed at my apartment and went home today. I miss them already. Our main activity was eating (haha!) so we ate most of the time and I'll be sharing more of that in the coming posts. We managed to get a lot of shopping done as well.

This post is about the mini steamboat we had, improvised using the small rice cooker. My family loves steamboat and my mom suggested we do that for dinner on Friday. On Thursday, the day of their arrival, we went shopping at Queensbay Mall. We sure had lots of fun cooking and enjoying our food!

They surprised me with a birthday cake! It's an early celebration because the actual day is on Saturday, September 25, but I'll be by myself in Penang. It's wonderful to be able to celebrate with them while they're here in Penang.
The raw materials tossed into the rice cooker. The soup base was chicken stock; the flavor was enhanced as raw materials were added.
Here are some of the raw materials used: prawns, vegetables, black pepper chicken cocktail sausages.

More will be coming up soon. Oh yes, I bought an electric acoustic guitar (fitted with pickups) for myself too. I stopped playing for about five years, so I hope to get into it again. Have a great week ahead, my friends!