Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Listen to My Kindle

Having the Kindle read to me is an interesting experience. It doesn’t sound as good as the ones being narrated in audio-books but it is not bad. A little monotonous and mechanical perhaps, but still bearable. If you are a Kindle user, do you use the "Text-to-Speech" function?

My Kindle in Moleskine cover waiting to be set to Text-to-Speech

I started listening to my Kindle two days ago during my power-walk home after office. It was raining lightly and I was holding an umbrella. The reading took my mind off the traffic and rain, and I was thoroughly enjoying Love in Mid Air by Kim Wright until I reached some sections of the roads where I’d need to focus on crossing them. I also had to close my umbrella at certain parts of the walk due to the close proximity of passing vehicles.

The no-umbrella zone (picture from my Walkumentary post)

Listening to Kindle is a good alternative now that my mode of commuting has changed from traveling in a car or train to walking. This way, I still get my reading fix and take care of fitness all at the same time! I am thoroughly enjoying my Kindle ever since I got it in February this year (read about it here).