Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekend Odds and Ends

In which Alice plays with her iPhone
The first thing I did when I finally had the time to spend with my new iPhone was to download apps. I downloaded a few photography apps last weekend and took a few snapshots while I was at home in Kuala Lumpur.

This is Cat studying (yes, she studies everywhere including on the bed). She didn't pose for this and I was just doing some random shooting and lomo-ed the pic.
This is another un-posed pic of Cat doing her assignment later on the same night. I was lying down on the floor and decided to do a retro for this one.
This is done using the Imikimi Photo Frame apps. I took a picture of Hiro the furkid and popped him into this frame. He has grown into a really BIG boy. My mom has been pampering him a little too well...
I did a few self-portraits for myself, too, but those pics are for my private collection. Haha! I like the lomo effects and did a magazine-like compilation or collage of all the ones I self-took.

In which Alice reflects on her fitness and workout
In a dinner outing with friends, I got my body fat analysis done and I'm happy to know that I got glowing results. Here's a brief overview of my readings:
Height: 170 cm; Weight: 55.7 kg
Notes: For my height, my ideal weight should be at least 60 kg but right now I'm weighing 55.7 kg so I'm slightly underweight. But let's take a look at the broader picture...

Body Fat: 20.9%
Notes: The ideal measurement for female is less than 25% and my body fat weight ideally should be 15 kg but right now it's at 11.6 kg (20.9% * 55.7 kg), which is 3.4 kg below my ideal. But, I'm still healthy considering that for women, the classification for "Fit" is between 20% and 25%. The athletic ones have below 20%, which I'm actually aiming for.

Skeletal Muscle: 30.6% (HURRAH!)
Note: The ideal measurement for female is >28%.

Body Mass Index, BMI: 19.3 (HURRAH!)
Note: The healthy measurement for Asians is between 18.5 and 22.9.

And last but not least, the biological aging measurement. I'm 33 but right now, all of the above readings concluded that my body now is 26 years old (HURRAH! And before this I do get comments from friends who met me for the first time thinking I'm around that age). The ideal reading was 28 years, but my body did even better by going below that to 26.
So, what do I do with all this information? Keep up my good work, of course! I love exercising and working out, and I will continue to do so. Which brings me to the next topic...

In which Alice discovers a new route for her walk home after work

I make it a point to walk home after work and it takes about 50 minutes of braving the traffic and brisk walking. It's a fairly straight forward route that is one straight line once I get out of the Free Trade Zone. On Friday, I discovered a more relaxing route inside a housing area. It's a lot better than walking beside the busy road (I absolutely dislike the traffic) and I can now enjoy my walk even more. I still have to cross several very busy roads, but it's now 80% relaxing walk instead of 80% stressful.

In which Alice becomes Cinderella performing routine apartment maintenance
It's time to clean house and I relished my time mopping, cleaning, wiping. The laundry's done too. The apartment is now once again squeaky clean and smelling great. The green tea scent is pleasing. I also restocked my fridge with my favorite beverages such as coffee, cappuccino-flavored soy milk, and juices. I walked to the nearest mini mart to do my shopping. Walking makes me happy, but the hot weather doesn't. Having said that, dry and hot is better than raining, so I shouldn't be complaining...


I hope you are enjoying your weekend too, my friends. I'm going back to visiting blogs and hope to accomplish my Mission Google Reader as well. Here's wishing you a happy (and productive) weekend!