Monday, July 19, 2010

Welcome to My New Apartment!

Hello, friends! Welcome to my new apartment in Penang! I'm settling in pretty nicely at the new place, both at home and at work. I know I'm still terribly behind in visiting most of you, but I'm trying my best. It's a slow, slow progress I'm making in trying to get back into the momentum of blogging and I hope to get things back to normal soon; I'm 90 percent there (I think).

As promised, this is a mini virtual tour of my humble 680 sq.ft. apartment. It's a small place but still very comfortable. My mom and sister Cat had done so much in helping me clean and arrange the place preliminarily (thank you, both!).

Once again, welcome to my apartment!
The sofa set belongs to the landlord. I'm glad that they are all dark brown in color (my favorite color!). The curtains were picked out by my mom and sister. I switched the light brown curtains provided by the landlord into my room. The red carpet is from IKEA and as you can see, books are everywhere in the house: on the coffee table and on the sofas!

My S$2 (~US$1.45) indoor slippers bought at Daiso, Plaza Singapura! I should have bought a few more pairs...

Bubba the brown bear and my "little son"

This is the ARC of the soon-to-be-released Driven to Ink by my favorite author and a good friend, Karen E. Olson. I've finished reading the novel and enjoyed it! Now I can't wait for the fourth book, Ink Flamingo...
She is so sweet to autograph it. Here's what she said: To Alice - Hope your move & new job go smoothly - and keep posting pictures! Best, Karen :)

Many thanks for the book and for autographing it, Karen! I just have to post this picture because it has her special message that is related to my move and new job in Penang. And you know what? I was totally surprised when John Valeri, another good friend and fellow blogger, told me to check the "Acknowledgments" section. I did, and my name was mentioned alongside a few other book bloggers such as Wendy, Christina, and Iliana! I am super excited! Again, thank you, Karen!

On the wall is a sketch done by a Chinese artist while I was vacationing in Sydney with my mom. Then, there's Charco the Dooodoll and rocking moo, both given by my former colleagues when I left my previous company. I miss them already!

My dining table that doubles as my working desk.

My two very handsome boys, Loverboy Teddy Bear and Combat Bear, on my queen-sized bed. I ♥ my boys!

Have a great week ahead!