Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Over the Edge

Over the Edge
(Book Three of the Troubleshooters Series)
By Suzanne Brockmann
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Published: 2001
ISBN-13: 9780804119702
395 pages

Chapter 1, Excerpt:
Lieutenant Commander Joel Hogan grabbed her ass.

Right in the McDonald's on base. Right in front of...

A roomful of people who weren't paying either of them the slightest bit of attention.

Lt. (jg) Teri Howe didn't know whether to be bitterly disappointed or intensely relieved. She took her tray and moved away from Joel, purposefully ignoring him. She headed swiftly to the other side of the room. Evade and conceal. Run and hide. Do not engage the enemy at this time. Don't create a scene.

Following book one and two of the Troubleshooters series, I knew I have to move on quickly to book three. The romantic suspense series features action-packed thrillers of a certain group of the elite U.S. Navy SEALs. The review of the third book, Over the Edge, is also long overdue one. It's also one that I have enjoyed very much; a page turner.

In this installment, the focus of the story is on Senior Chief Stan Wolchonok, and helicopter pilot in the naval reserves, Lieutenant Teri Howe. Stan is rock steady and to him no difficult challenges are unsolvable. Come to Stan and the problem WILL be solved. He takes Teri under his wings when he sees how she is being treated by her male counterparts. Teri shares her disturbing past with him and that makes him even more determined to protect her. Teri looks up to him and actually likes him. Stan admires her passion for flying and acknowledges that she is one of the best helo pilots around. Soon, as the back cover synopsis says, "the line between friends and lovers begins to blur..."

The action begins when a plane is hijacked and the daughter of an American senator is onboard. Once again, the FBI counterterrorist team and the Navy SEALs are called to work together. Once again, Sam Starrett (my favorite guy!) and Alyssa Locke are being assigned together. Both are secondary characters but interesting enough to lend excitement to the story. Sam leads the ops and his team is working around the clock. Meanwhile, Max Bhagat who is the FBI expert negotiator keeps the line of communication going with the terrorists in the hijacked plane. In captivity is a courageous young woman, Gina, who is taken hostage and mistaken by the terrorists as the senator's daughter. Gina leads them to think that she is the girl they want so that the other passengers are spared from being hurt or killed. Max cares deeply for Gina and ensures that he and his team are doing everything they can for her to stay and come out of it alive.

The verdict? I loved Over the Edge! Everything blends well in this story and I could not stop turning the pages. It is intense with lots of action going on. It is also emotionally charged. I urge you to browse through all the books in the Troubleshooters series.

Note: Over the Edge is a joint-reading with Julia who introduced the series to me. Julia: Thank you for reading this with me! I can see why you like Sam Starrett so much. I want to read the next book, Out of Control with you. We can begin anytime you are ready!

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