Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Short Trip to Penang, the Pearl of the Orient

My move to Penang due to my new job is drawing near and I made a trip to the island on Saturday. There were a few things I hope to achieve during the last weekend and that was to view the apartments I wanted to rent and to "feel" the roads in Penang. Stefanie, a very good friend of my brother, had been so kind and generous in being the tour guide of the day. (Thank you, Stef!) She dedicated the whole of her Saturday taking me around the island and getting things done. Here's my brief report of the trip I made and what Stef and I did together:

I boarded the Skybus to LCCT to catch my 10.20 a.m. flight and discovered that I was the only one on board. A few other passengers joined me much later.
I arrived in Penang and Stef welcomed me with opened arms. Our first program of the day was FOOD! Filling our tummies was important so Stef suggested char kuey teow. This was at Restoran Lasia in Air Itam.
The absolutely delicious, lip-smackingly good char kuey teow. You can't get this taste anywhere else. I swear.
After our nom session, we're back in Stef's car and I decided to take Bear's picture. He's relaxing on the dashboard getting a suntan.
Since I will be based here, Stef took me around Intel's vicinity so that I can get a rough idea of how it's like there. The place is HUGE!
After the mini Intel tour, we went makan angin at the backlanes of the industrial zone and ended in kampung areas. It was drizzling and I saw a couple of moos along the way.
We saw a plane about to land too!
It was coming down really fast.
Loved the sky that day!
Here's another one. It was cloudy and pregnant with rain.
After viewing the apartment, which I also decided to rent (I work fast), Stef took me to a very nice place to chill out. We went to Beach Blanket Babylon located at Leboh Bishop. Thank you, Stef for the treat!
The view was very pretty and relaxing too.
I spotted a crow!
And two more
That's the mainland in the horizon.
Stef recommended this drink and it was good...
The laksa lemak (if I'm not mistaken) was delicious
The Caesar Salad was yummy too!
Stef also highly recommended the gula melaka ice cream for dessert. Yummy!
We also went to BORDERS at Queensbay Mall, which is just right next to Eastin, the hotel I was staying in. This was the room I got with complimentary wi-fi.
I loved the reading lights that were installed on the bed frame. My reading photo (I was reading my Sookie Stackhouse book) is now my Facebook profile picture.
A flat screen TV is available too! I traveled light with only my backpack.
I bought a Sookie Stackhouse novel (Dead and Gone) at BORDERS since I'd finished the one I brought along to the trip.
I enjoyed the washroom as well *grin*
I couldn't see anything outside my room at night but in the morning, this was the view. Can you see the Penang bridge?
On the right is Queensbay Mall.

I'm going back to Penang again this weekend to finalize the tenancy and if possible, to also move in. I hope to get my new car by then for the move to happen. Otherwise, the following weekend would be my last moving date. Once again, thank you, Stef, for your wonderful hospitality and all the treats!