Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Short Trip to Penang (Part 2)

I was at Penang again this week, but for this trip, my mom and sister went with me. The move to Penang has begun! Stuff were loaded into the car and we started our approximately 4-hour journey to the north on Saturday.

The plan for this trip was to meet with the owner of the apartment, sign the rental, and buy what needed buying for the new apartment. Everything went according to plan. The move will be completed by next weekend when I transport the balance of my stuff (clothing, camera equipment, and other items) to Penang. I start work immediately on Monday, June 28, and off I go to Singapore for a work-related trip the next day. It's going to be a busy, busy time ahead.

We managed to have some fun after all the serious stuff was done. On Saturday night, we had supper with Stefanie, a good friend of my brother. We had cravings for ikan bakar, fried oyster (oh chien), loh bak, and all the other good food, so we went to Sungai Pinang Food Court. The hawkers were really friendly and the food tasted GREAT. To Stef: Thanks for the supper!

The food we ordered @ Sungai Penang Food Court

Mom, Cat and I returned to Kuala Lumpur today. The trip home was fabulously smooth. Now, I'm excited about next week!

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