Friday, May 14, 2010

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2010

I've been training reasonably hard for my very first distance run (this is one of my personal projects I was talking about). I'm aiming to complete a 10KM run in June this year and it's 45 more days to achieving that goal. There are various categories and since it's my first, I decided to do something meaningful and chose Run For A Cause.

If you have ran long distance and have tips to share, please let me know. I was at the gym today, and one of my colleagues who had run several marathons and will be running the half-marathon (21.1KM) for this same event, shared the following tips:
  • Eat a light breakfast such as a banana (or muffin)
  • Hydrate; bring along a few dollars to buy water just in case the organizer do not supply
  • Bring only yourself i.e. no wallet, no excess baggage
  • Wear light clothing and comfortable running shoes
I hope I'll survive the 10K run within the time limit of 1.5 hours. I'm going to try running the roads this weekend because running on the treadmill and real roads are two very different things.

Since I'm running the Run For A Cause category, I need to raise at least MYR500, which will be used to help National Cancer Society of Malaysia. As of today, I've obtained a total donation of MYR250 so I've achieved 50% of the minimum amount. I still need to raise MYR250 (~US$77) by 1st June because that's the deadline. Updated @ 26th May: I've achieved MYR500! The donation deadline is 1st June so there's still time if you wish to donate.

If you wish to help and support me in this good cause, please visit this page, which will lead you to the donation page (after clicking the "Donate Now" button). The funds go directly National Cancer Society of Malaysia and the minimum donation is MYR30 (~US$10). An income tax deduction letter will be issued for donations made.

To all my friends and family and colleagues who had donated--Mainey, Tim, Steve Yap, and the Tehs--thank you so much for what you did!

To ALL: Thank you , too, for your moral support.

This is my page

Related Post: I'm a charity runner, in which Steve Yap (a Facebook friend) commented in the post today:

Alice, donated for your run. My mom passed away because of cancer in '89. My whole family went through a lot during then. Thanks for running for this cause.

See you on 27 June, if i can complete in time. Will be running my marathon then.


Steve, I really appreciated your kindness and I'm sorry to hear about your mom. I hope to see you on 27 June! If you happen to spot me first, please do not hesitate to wave or shout. God bless you!