Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Teaser Tuesday: Climb the Mountain

I received this book in the office mail yesterday and started reading it immediately. I put aside Sookie Stackhouse (in Dead to the World -- sorry, Sookie!) and is sucked into the story right away. I first found out about the book after reading a news article from The Olympian and decided to buy it. Proceeds from the book goes to building a community centre for people with disabilities. It's good to be able to help and understand TBI at the same time.

Climb the Mountain by David R. Beshears is the story of his son, also David, who was severely injured in Afghanistan after an IED (improvised explosive device) blast and suffered multiple injuries, including traumatic brain injury (TBI). The book includes emails of daily updates to family and friends of his son's condition from the very first day. Here's the teaser from page 14:

Sounds reaching out from every piece of equipment; hissing, breathing, beeping, whining, whistling; all fighting for attention. Alarms sounded to alert staff that a drug was running low or that David's blood pressure was climbing again, or that his heart rate was too high or too low, or that his brain was swelling beyond acceptable limits, or that his lung expiration readings weren't what they should be.