Sunday, May 09, 2010

The Gymnast

The Gymnast is a film about hanging on and letting go. The film is directed by Ned Farr who is also Dreya Weber's husband. Here's the synopsis from

Jane Hawkins was once one of America's top gymnasts, but events and injury prevented her from fulfilling her Olympic destiny. Almost twenty years have passed in obscurity, working hand to mouth as a massage therapist while slowly disappearing in a passionless marriage. In an attempt to give meaning to her life, she has been secretly trying to get pregnant, against her husband David's wishes. Though still in peak condition, her doctor informs her that she may have waited too long to have children. And without David's money, she can't afford the fertility drugs that might make the difference.

A chance meeting with Denise, a former gymnastic teammate, provokes Jane to reexamine her life and past. While visiting a gymnasium, she is recognized by a coach, who recruits Jane for a completely different kind of venture: being part of a Cirque Du Soleil type of aerial act.

Also recruited to be part of the act is an enigmatic dancer named Serena. When events force the coach out of the project, Jane and Serena attempt to put the act together themselves, and in the process, fall in love. After Denise convinces her the affair with Serena is a form of denial, Jane must choose between having a child with her suddenly willing husband, or creating a completely new life for herself.

A few things made me go totally gaga over the movie: The super strong and graceful Dreya Weber (as Jane) and Addie Yungmee (as Serena), the emotional complexity and possibility of falling in love with someone of the same sex, and of course, the mind blowing aerial acts by the Dreya and Addie. There are no stunt doubles, no wires, no digital effects. The awesome acts were all performed by the actors. Tears just rolled off my eyes as I watched the emotionally-charged aerial scene by the two women who discovered that they are in love with each other. This is my first lesbian film (I think) and it's so tastefully done and everything about it is beautiful. Be warned, though; there are some nude scenes in the movie.

3 words: I LOVE IT!


On a separate note, I have uploaded more photos of my Perhentian Island trip on Facebook. It's a public link, so please click on the picture below and visit the island!