Friday, April 30, 2010

Thankful Friday

It’s Friday! How time flies and each week zips past just like that. I finished reading 199 Reasons to be Thankful a faith-based book compiled by Janice Hanna, and would like to share some of the excerpts, especially the ones I quite liked. They're all good but the ones below are special to me. Even if you’re not a Christian, these are some of the things (besides our family, friends and loved ones) we all ought to be thankful for:

42: Fresh Air
Lungs full of fresh air are something we take for granted until we’re stuck in the recycle air of an airplane or in the middle of a smog-laden city. Take a deep breath and appreciate the life-giving refreshment of fresh air.

161: Exercise
Ah, exercise! It lifts us from our humdrum state, gets our blood pumping, and strengthens us, inside and out. Whether you’re making rounds at the gym, riding your bike, or jogging in the park, take the time to thank God for the gift of exercise. It’s a gift He hopes you’ll use…often!

165: Funny TV Shows
Don’t you love funny television shows? The characters captivate us with their wit, and the ridiculous plotlines make us laugh. What is it about humor that gets to us, anyway? Perhaps it’s the fact that we really love to laugh at ourselves. In those television characters, we catch a glimpse…of us!

166: Silly Moments
Silly moments catch us by surprise and bring laughter, usually when we need it most! Giving yourself the freedom to be silly is not just okay, it’s actually good for you. After all, laughter is great medicine. And in this hectic world we live in, we can use a few silly moments!

169: The Great Outdoors
It’s great to find a spot away from the crowd, a place where the beauty of nature captivates you. Aren’t you thankful for these wonderful reminders that life can be found outside the four walls of your home or office?

177: Memories
The Creator God has blessed us humans with the ability to remember and reflect on happy times in our past. These special memories that we share with family and friends strengthen our relationships now and for the future.

181: Infectious Giggles
Nothing excites the heart like giggles between friends and family. Join in as laughter erupts. You will feel like a kid again when you celebrate life’s little joys!

196: The First Flower in Spring
The wintertime can be long and a little dreary. Oh, but that first sign of spring! The day you discover buds on the trees or a blooming flower. It causes you to hope, to think ahead, to see the possibilities. What a joyous gift!

To all my friends, have a great weekend!