Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Perhentian Island: A Pictorial Report

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I'm FINALLY posting the Perhentian island trip my family and I made in February this year. This will be one of those posts where pictures speak louder than words. I took many shots but only show a handful. Enjoy the island!

Off we go to the island on speed boat. The ride took about 45 minutes and was the most exciting ride of my life. The sea was rough, and the boat was literally up in the air as it sped along and landed with great impact on the sea. The waves were also splashing onto us. Exhilarating!
We're almost there! Look at the magnificent blue sea...
We'd arrived at the island! We transferred ourselves and our luggage from the speed boat into a smaller boat and had to be very careful because it was all done in the waters.
Welcome to Perhentian! Our luggage ended up on the beach.
I took in my surroundings
After a brief but satisfying arrival photo op by the beach, we checked in into the resort. The signage is faded due to constant exposure to the sun and sea.
We go to our chalets
And now, let's go around the beautiful island!
I loved it
Cat and John played in the water while I remained on land. Haha!
"Come on, Mr Bond..."
You can learn diving here too
I spotted a...SQUIRREL! Can you see where the little guy is in the picture?
I think the cute little guy was about to get its noms
Here are some of the stuff you could do on the island
We were walking to another spot on the beach to get our breakfast and I spotted the fiery red hibiscus. A ball bounced by at the perfect time and I took the picture.
Keeping the island clean. Thank you, Mister!
Once again, the beautiful island
I took a break from reading and did a simple side plank pose
Not bad for a self-portrait. Aim, smile, shoot!
I was reading...
She's reading...
He's reading...
As you can see, the island is a perfect place for booklovers!

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