Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Teaser Tuesday: Body Language

Body Language by Suzanne Brockmann is a gift from Melody when I went to Singapore last month. It's a witty and sensual read, and I love the chemistry between photographer Clint McCade and Sandy Kirk, the successful owner of a video production company. They're childhood friends.

The story is exactly that: body language (BL). Sandy is interested in a high-powered attorney but keeps sending the wrong signal. The rugged and hunk-ish McCade volunteers to teach her a thing or two about what men really want so that she could to win the handsome lawyer's heart. The two friends soon learns the truth about their feelings for each other. Here's the teaser from page 137 when McCade is about to kiss Sandy senseless on a 'practice' movie date:

Her stomach and her heart were involved in a competition for the most number of flip-flops per minute. She took a deep breath.

Note: I'm loving the book so far!