Saturday, March 06, 2010

A Bookish Saturday: American Journey Challenge

When I read about Vivienne's personal American Journey Challenge, I got really interested and wanted to join her in the journey too. Her lovely friend Alison created the button below for her use; isn't it beautiful?

This is a literary journey and I urge you to visit Viv's post to find out more about this challenge. It starts in March and I'm excited! I have a book or two in my personal library that I can start reading immediately and also have just ordered some new ones, including Kindle edition. So yes, I spend the entire Saturday afternoon browsing and shopping for books on Amazon, Better World Books and Book Depository.

Coincidentally my first stop is the same as Viv's i.e. Alabama (AL), but then she's approaching it alphabetically. For me, I'll be picking the states randomly. The next one for me after AL is Georgia (GA). To see a list of all states in the US, check out this link at Wikipedia. This is what I extracted from Viv's blog:

So I have decided to go on a literary journey, travelling through America, stopping in each state to read all about it, find out its history and culture, read about the people who live there and read some fiction set there too. [...] I am starting alphabetically, which is something I know I wouldn't do on my real travels, but for reading purposes this makes it easier. I haven't given myself a time limit on this journey, so it could take me a couple of months to visit each state. I will still be reading other books with these one added in here and there. Once I have finished with a state I will do a wrap up post and then ask for help with the next state.

Here are the (fiction and non-fiction) books that I've selected for this challenge:

Alabama (AL)
  1. Carry Me Home: Birmingham, Alabama by Diane McWhorter
  2. Condi: The Life of a Steel Magnolia by Mary Beth Brown (from TBR pile)
  3. Ghosts and Goosebumps: Ghost Stories, Tall Tales and Superstitions
  4. Alabama by Kay Cornelius (from TBR pile)
Georgia (GA)
  1. Georgia Odyssey (Kindle Edition) by James C. Cobb
  2. Home of the Infantry: The History of Fort Benning by Peggy A. Stelpflug, Richard Hyatt
  3. Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell (from TBR pile)

I'm beginning the challenge with Alabama, a novel that contains four faith-filled romances from a small northeastern Alabama town. I have already read the book on Condoleezza Rice last year but intend to re-read it.

Viv, here I come on this literary journey with you! I might pinch some of your selections too if they strike my fancy...