Saturday, February 06, 2010

Summer BBQ at Izza's: The Report

Well, my dear friends, last week I posted about my former colleague's summer BBQ party and today I managed to clock in some overtime to write a more lengthy post. I haven't been blogging the last two days or so because I was busy with other stuff. Come join me in this party!

White Summer BBQ was on Saturday, 30th January

On that day, I had fun browsing books at Kinokuniya in KLCC then sipping hot coffee at Starbucks armed with a book (and a yellow highlighter), before meeting up with my colleagues. Maine drove us (Chel, Jacqueline and Yours Truly) to Izza's place. We had lots of excitement during car parking because of the very steep slope (and I do mean it's very steep).

The boys were busy at the pit making food for us. Haha!
The labor of their love
Yummy cakes and chips!
So much food, we can feed the entire army!
Izza giving her Academy Award speech. Love that woman!
Izza with her very cool parents
Everybody busy eating and Izza said "cheeeese!"
The fun and funny people
Izza with her best friend
Izza with her Middle Eastern friends
Us, chilling after we're full (we do look quite stuffed)
Hello, my name is Azhar. Bubba's sitting comfortably on my shoulder.
Us, very happy girls, as you can see. Haha!
Comel, the white kitten, was showered with love too

Can you see a trend in the pictures? Did you notice there's a lot of white in them? That's because the dress code was white. Coincidentally, the kitten is white in color too. *GRIN*

Have a great weekend!