Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Perhentian Island: The Food Series

Before I leave for Singapore tomorrow (and before I give you pictures of Perhentian island, which will appear in the final post of the Perhentian series), I'm going to treat you to an ONLINE FEAST. Here's a glimpse of what you can chomp on while you're on the island!

For breakfast, we ventured out from our resort to the neighboring one called the Watercolours Resort. The menu offered pretty exciting food choices but, but, but, they ran out of so many items, we ended up with extremely limited stuff to order. Our food were OK.

Come, let's go food hunting!
Although the food wasn't exactly great, the view and environment in which we dined in was fabulous. Leaves and stuff from above kept dropping down but that didn't dampen the enjoyment of our noms.
We're not the only ones dining there...
And here comes our food, mainly bread-related

And now, let's look at our lunch. Here, the Asian dishes made up for the slight lacking (taste-wise) of their Western offerings. Overall, the food was good. We had a good time at the place we stayed in, Coral View Island Resort. The staff are helpful and friendly and accommodating. I will definitely stay there again if I visit Perhentian again. I plan to make another trip there in the future. Love the place.

The restaurant faces the sea and it's really nice to listen to the sea waves while dining
The Menu
Mee goreng (fried noodles)
Fried sotong (calamari)
A fish dish with rice
Fish and chips
And this is me with a glass of Nescafe tarik!


I'll be coming back from Singapore on Sunday so I'll see you when I get home. I know I still am lagging behind in visiting some of your blogs, but please bear with me. I promise I will drop by when I return. While I won't be blogging when I'm away, I'll be updating my Facebook and Twitter so be sure to follow me!

  • Melody and Violet, I'm so looking forward to meeting both of you in Singapore!
  • I'll be collecting my Kindle from a friend who helped collect it while he was in the US -- thank you, Wesley!
  • I'll be bunking in at my friend's crib from Day 2 to Day 4 -- thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Anon!

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