Friday, December 04, 2009

Watching NEW MOON

I finally watched New Moon last night at Tropicana City Mall with Jasmine and Kah Yaen. The movie was released in the US on 20th November and a week later in Malaysia on 26th November.

The guys (Edward and Jacob) are nice to ogle at but there’s more to it than that. For me, it was emotional. The part near the beginning where Edward has to leave Bella in order to protect her and let her lead a normal life really got to me and turned me into a water bag. For a moment, I put myself in Bella’s shoes and truly felt for her. My tears just couldn’t stop flowing. It was heartbreaking.

And then there is the part where Edward thought he has lost Bella and is ready to get himself killed by the Volturi. The thought of losing someone you love gripped me so much that I broke down again—silently. I was shaking a little bit so I pretend to shift around in my seat. I was completely and utterly useless by then. Throughout the movie I only had one piece of tissue in my handbag. It was soaked. Yeah, I know, it’s gross (the tissue, I mean).

I've read all the four books in the series and the first book (Twilight) is my favorite. I remembered reading it in May 2007 and the book also reignited my love for fiction. For New Moon, I enjoyed the movie more than the book. More so, I enjoyed watching it with the girls!