Friday, December 11, 2009

Danny the Dragon "Meets Jimmy"

Reading level: Ages 4-8
Paperback: 32 pages
Author: Tina Marie Turbin
Publisher: Imagination Publishing Group (December 19, 2008)
ISBN: 9780980072105

Danny the Dragon "Meets Jimmy"
is the first to be released in the Danny the Dragon series and what a delightful book it is! It is an imaginative, fantasy tale about a traveling dragon. Here is how the story begins:

Jimmy is at the beach and finds a very special green and white seashell. The shell speaks to him! But when he shows it to his parents and sister, it is quiet. Still, Jimmy's mom and dad lets him take it home with them. This is the beginning of a most unusual friendship.

It turns out that inside the special shell, lives a green dragon that wears a pair of bright red shoes! The dragon introduces himself as Danny the Dragon. Danny has very good manners and he travels with his companion, Skipper. Skipper the critter is their navigator and he loves taking notes about their travel. Jimmy's family is very excited about Danny and Skipper. Jimmy is a curious boy and has lots of questions for the two of them.

I really enjoyed this 32-page book and reading it made me happy. It does not matter if you are young or young at heart; this book will make you smile. Adults can read aloud to the young ones. I know I would if I have my own kids. Danny the Dragon is beautifully illustrated and every page is so colorful! A satisfying book I am sure families will appreciate and love. I cannot wait to read more of Danny and his other adventures!

Here's a short note from the author:
Danny the Dragon "Meets Jimmy" is a multi-award winning, delightful tale, chronicling the adventures of a friendly dragon and his traveling companion Skipper, and how they befriend a young boy’s family in the MOST unusual way. This is the first of many stories in the Danny the Dragon series authored by me and illustrated by multi-award winning illustrator Aija Jasuna; published by Imagination Publishing Group December 2008. This book is also a nominee for Best Children's Picture Book of 2009, winner to be announced at Book Expo America ( BEA) in 2010.

As a side note I am very instrumental in humanitarian efforts and my Danny the Dragon DVD with sign interpretation is scheduled be released in Spring of 2010 and I am currently working on three new books.

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A note of appreciation:
I would like to thank Tina Turbin and her assistant, Rosie Newman, for contacting me and giving me the opportunity to read and review Danny the Dragon. I hope for more of such opportunities in the future; it's been really great working with both of you on this.


Updated on 14 January 2010: This review is also mentioned at the website of Danny the Dragon. Check it out here!