Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Award: Beautiful Blogger

Sam from The Life and Times of Me gave me this lovely award! I like the black-and-white design. She said this about me in her nomination of the seven other blogs for this award: …and, of course, Alice – one of the bloggers that I have been following since I started blogging!

Thank you, Sam! Now, the rule is nominate seven other bloggers for this and then tell everybody seven things about yourself.

The nominees are (very hard to decide I kid you not because all of you, including you who are not listed here, are beautiful!):

  1. Melody @ Melody's Reading Corner
  2. >> She is always here supporting my blog come rain or shine. I know I can count on her to be present. She's beautiful this way.

  3. Julia @ Julia's Books Corner
  4. >>She is ever so helpful and willing to help a friend in need. For example now she's helping me send a package to a dear friend. She's also funny and cheerful. She's beautiful this way.

  5. Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts
    >> She's my role model whose thoughts and opinion I value. A God-fearing woman, she's beautiful this way.

  6. Kathy @ Bermudaonion's Weblog
  7. >>She's a new blogger friend whose book reviews I love reading. Friendly, she's beautiful this way.

  8. Sandy @ You've GOTTA read this!
    >> Also a new blogger friend whom I got to know this year. She's funny and always leave thoughtful comments. Sometimes, the very first to do so. She's beautiful this way.

  9. Wendy @ Musings of a Bookish Kitty
    >> She loves to share and I remember knowing wonderful author Karen E. Olson through her. Since then, Karen had guest posted on my blog twice and I had the good fortune to participate in her blog tour. Wendy's book reviews and other jottings are a joy to read. She's beautiful this way.

  10. Carol @ Carol's Notebook
    >> She often shares with us the beautiful artwork of her daughter Amber (9) and the books they read together. I find that very heartwarming. I would love to do the same thing when I have my own family. She's beautiful this way.

Are you now ready for the Seven Things About Me? Ready, set, go!
  1. I read men's magazines. It's really interesting to see their POV.

  2. I am currently on a book-buying ban and the original plan was to lift the ban in January 2010. I am now extending it INDEFINITELY. My TBR pile is no where near "manageable" as yet.

  3. I like the character Edward Cullen in the Twilight series but not the actor Robert Pattinson. Pattinson is good as Edward but that's it. I'm not crazy for this guy. I'm nuts about another guy but I can't tell. It's TOP SECRET for now.

  4. I like string musical instruments (such as violin and guitars) and percussion (drums, bongos, you name it).

  5. I like creative people be they painter, musician, singer, comedian--again, you name it.

  6. I'm toying with the idea of walking to and from work every day.

  7. Lastly, the obvious: I love, love, love reading!