Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Magic Touch

The Magic Touch
By Izumi Tsubaki
Publisher: VIZ Media, LLC
Published: 2009
ISBN-13: 9781421516714
208 pages

I finished The Magic Touch (Oyayubi kara Romance) by Izumi Tsubaki, the first of the five manga books selected for the Manga Challenge hosted by Rhinoa. I will not be doing a review on this cute manga (please click on the cover to go to for more details), but instead would like to share my feelings, particularly about liking a person and falling in love.

I totally relate with this: When you like a person, you think about that person very often. He or she will occupy your mind for just about every waking moment (and possibly in dreams when asleep).

For example, in this manga, Chiaki is reading the secret book of massage handed down by her older brother, and Yosuke pops into her mind: "Hmm, this looks good. How to prevent a cold. Although I bet Yosuke doesn't get colds."

Then she goes, "AH! Why am I thinking about Yosuke?!"

She keeps reading and applies a massage technique to calm down her heartbeat. That's when Yosuke pops into her mind again: "But I wonder if Yosuke is all right. If he's really that stiff, it could be bad for his body in lots of ways."

Chiaki realizes that she could be falling in love with Yosuke... She really cares for him and thinks about him very often.

Somewhere down the story, Yosuke confesses his feelings for Chiaki: "This is the first time I've ever... felt this way." And I understand that feeling too well. Then Yosuke utters the three magic words (I love you). Listen to what Yosuke said to the wide-eyed Chiaki:

"Your hand... Your hair... Everything... It's all mine. My blood moves when I hear you speak. As I touch you, I feel I'm about to explode. How can I describe this incredible feeling... this romance born from thumbs?"

There you go, Oyayubi kara Romance (literally translated: romance born from thumbs). Here's some background to the story. Chiaki Togu is a star of her high school's Massage Research Society club and she falls in love at first sight with a gorgeous back (Yosuke's). She would do anything to give him a massage but Yosuke is not into massage. He sets a condition: If Chiaki is able to make him fall in love with her, she will be allowed to touch his back.

Notes: The Magic Touch is categorized under Shoujo manga (also known as Shojo manga) primarily targeting girls and often centers around romance and love. It is closely tied to the Romance and Drama genres.