Sunday, November 29, 2009

Intermediate to Advanced Photography at Nikonian Academy (Models: Miss World Malaysia 2009 first runner-up Stefanie Chua, with George)

I spent my Saturday at Nikonian Academy attending "Intermediate to Advanced Photography," a follow-up class to "Basic to Intermediate Photography," which I'd attended last month. Andrew Boey and Sean Liew were our teachers for the fully registered class. There were about 15 of us so you can pretty much guess how we the students "fought" for camera-time with the models. Speaking of models, we had Stefanie Chua, Miss World Malaysia 2009 first runner-up, modeling for us together with George. I seriously had no idea we had a pageant winner in our midst until she was introduced by Andrew. We learned these:
  1. Advanced Settings Knowledge: Histogram, file formats, color space, etc.
  2. Beyond Manual mode: Aperture-priority and Shutter priority modes
  3. Advanced Composition Techniques: The 6 C's
There's supposed to be a section on getting tack sharp photos, but I don't remember seeing that taught in the class.

Of all the days I had migraine, the mother of all headaches decided to give me grief on that day. I was literally pulling my hair, knocked my head against the wall, and trying to "un-cranky-nize" myself. The lighting and camera flashes that went *poof poof* on that day added more impact to my poor head. I didn't think I enjoyed myself as much as I'd like to but it's really not the Academy's fault.

The class busy shooting Stefanie

We only did indoor shoot because it was raining heavily outside. Below are some of my shots. I must admit I didn't do a terribly good job, but still, I hope you'll enjoy them.

A play with lighting and trying to get the *zhepeng! zhepeng!* histogram (that's Andrew's SFX for an awesome histogram and I kind of nailed it in this shot)
Our "moody" male model, George (I hope I spelled his name correctly)
The fair and lovely Stefanie
Sharing a lighter moment
Stefanie in a killer red dress
This is the last picture for the day but I didn't capture this. Andrew took my camera and returned it with this shot (by this time, I was ready to give up my aching head). Thanks, Andrew!

Will I be attending more classes at the Academy in the future? You bet I would!

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