Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween-themed Photoshoot

Before I say more, let's take a look at us who went photoshooting at the abandoned flats at Jalan Sentul, Kuala Lumpur! *GRIN*

From left to right: Cat, KC, Yours Truly, Ray, Boon, Edmund, and Sabesha
(Thank you all for a great outing today!)

Our initial location was at the Pekeliling flats but then we were literally mobbed by mosquitoes (they look like they're Aedes) and we had to abandon the abandoned flats. Thank goodness Edmund suggested the Jalan Sentul flats and so we proceeded to our alternative location.

Once again Cat's our model and this time, we had Sabesha with us as well. They're both great and I got the shots I wanted! Here are some of the photos I took, edited using Photoshop. I decided to edit them this time, when previously I don't, to experiment for a different "feel." I played with layers, Gaussian blur, levels, filters, saturation, and a couple of other functions.

The following two shots were deliberately overexposed for drama
Because Cat plays a vampire, she's been given a pale look in this pose...
And this is a "softer" version
Cat arrived and found what she's been looking for
Cat sunk her teeth into her partner and took a bite...
Ever after...

I hope you like this post! I will not be around on October 31, so this is an advance Halloween post. I'll be away mountain climbing at Fraser's Hill with my colleagues who are also participating in the Gunung Tahan Expedition.