Saturday, October 03, 2009

Basic-to-Intermediate Photography at Nikonian Academy

I attended a full-day Basic to Intermediate Photography class at Nikonian Academy today and learned tonnes of stuff. We shot in manual mode throughout the session learning how to get the right exposure using the right ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. We covered the following at the class:
  1. Setting the camera to shoot correctly
  2. Using F.A.C.T to shoot beautiful photos
  3. Flash photography
  4. Indoor and outdoor model photo-shoot session
Andrew Boey and Alex Ang are great teachers, and they made learning totally fun and enjoyable. Time flies when one's enjoying oneself, and that's the case for me. We endured the sun during the outdoor session, and truly, shooting outdoor is more challenging than indoor! Well, here's a glimpse of what we did today (all photos are unedited except that they're resized for this post):

Sharon, our model for the day, with Andrew, one of our teachers
A candid shot of Alex, our co-teacher, by Andrew using my camera
The indoor model shoot session
The outdoor model shoot session
More photos in my Facebook album!

For MYR390 (~US$111), it's value for money! And we got lucky because there were only four of us in the class today, so we received full attention from our two teachers. And, attending it with Wing and Ray made it even more fun. I am definitely looking forward to more future classes!