Wednesday, September 02, 2009

What I did on Merdeka Day (apart from blogging and reading, that is...)

August 31: I tweeted earlier about buying 45L storage boxes (MYR29.99 or ~US$8.33 each) to keep my read books so that I could clear my bookshelf for new arrivals. Here is the end result:

Each box can accommodate about 62 books

I still need a few more boxes to keep them all. I bought transparent ones so that I can see the contents. The boxes are labeled as A, B, and so on, and the books are tagged accordingly in LibraryThing for cross referencing.

I'd love to buy more shelves and display them all, but I realize that the house has run out of space and there are only that many shelves I can put. I have no choice but to box up these darlings...

My next pet project is to tackle my Mount TBR!

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