Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Book-Buying Ban (BBB)

OK, I’m on a book-buying ban (BBB). Again. But this time I am very, very serious. I have so many books, they'll last me a few years. I know I’m going cold turkey but I’m going to give BBB a shot.

I will still visit bookstores to flip some pages, smell the paper, hold them. What I will not do is buy them and bring them home.

I will still update my wish list on so that when I am “released” from this ban, I can get straight to “work”. But that has to be a long, long time from now. I'm looking at January 2010, at the earliest.

I will still play Mailbox Monday until I have received all the books I ordered earlier.

I also know it will require lots of determination and self-control. Good luck to me.