Sunday, September 20, 2009

Airhead (Book 1 of Airhead Trilogy)

By Meg Cabot
Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books
Published: 2009 (This edition)
ISBN-13: 9780330453820
308 pages

Synopsis from the back cover: 'I know I look like Nikki Howard. And I know I sound like Nikki Howard. I realize right now I am in Nikki Howard's loft and wearing her clothes while her dog is licking my face. But I am NOT Nikki Howard. OK?'

Emerson Watts and Nikki Howard have absolutely nothing in common. Em's a tomboy-superbrain who couldn't care less about her looks. Nikki's a supermodel sensation and the world's most famous airhead. But a freak accident causes the girls' lives to collide in the most extraordinary way...

Fiction Genre: Young Adults. Comedy.

What led you to pick up this book? I read about this book from a few bloggers and is interested in its story.

Plot summary minus spoilers: I will try not to tell too much and let you discover for yourself how Em's life is switched with Nikki's. Em is a smart girl and has a good friend named Christopher. They both love playing video games. As students in Tribeca Alternative High School, they do not belong in the superficial, popular students group, and labeled those who are as the "Walking Dead". When the freak accident happens, Em is pronounced dead but she is living in Nikki's body. How is that possible?

What did you like most about the book? When you live the life of a person, especially a famous person, you would know the reality of his or her life. In the case of Nikki's best friend, Lulu Collins, she may seem like an airhead, but because Em (or now Nikki) gets to know her when Lulu "rescues" her from the hospital, she is really a sweet person. She genuinely cares for Nikki.

Brandon Stark—son of the owner of a huge new shopping mall in the neighborhood (where the freak accident happens) and Nikki's on-and-off-boyfriend—also has a side that nobody knows unless they are close to him. His super busy father never has time for him.

In short, never be judgmental, even toward people like Nikki, Brandon, and Lulu, who seem to deserve it.

What did you think of the main character? Em is definitely smart and likable. I warmed up toward her and Christopher straightaway. I even liked Lulu. Em discovers that living the life of a supermodel is not as easy as it seems. It is not just about strutting your stuff. To add an air of mystery to the story, Em discovers that Nikki's laptop has been compromised and "tracked". But why?

What about the ending? This is a trilogy and I am looking forward to reading its sequel, Airhead: Being Nikki. Em (now Nikki) is an interesting character and I want to know her development in the story.

Would you recommend this book? Yes. It's a fluffy but nice, quick read.

Would you read more books by this author? Yes. I've placed an order for the sequel and is awaiting its arrival!

Have you read any other books by this author? What did you think of those books? This is the first Meg Cabot book I have read. I should try her Princess Diaries series in the near future.

Would you re-read the book? Yes