Sunday, August 02, 2009

A Trip to Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

Last Sunday (time flies!), Mom, Cat, Hiro our Shih Tzu furkid, and I decided to go to Seremban. It was a random trip and was mainly to pay my late grandma a visit. Both my grandma (from Hong Kong) and grandpa (from China) had gone to heaven. Boy, I miss them! I used to sit on my grandpa's lap drinking his Guinness when I was a toddler (yes, I received "alcohol training" when I was a kid), and I was so stubborn my grandma always had a field day feeding me three times a day. What do you feed a lactose intolerant baby? I rejected milk when I was two months old, if I remember correctly what I was told. I took at least one hour to finish one meal when I was older. My hair stood up straight until I became two years old. Imagine the "hardship" my grandparents (thank God for grandmas and grandpas) and parents had to go through bringing up this super stubborn, ridiculous kid who is now the eldest of six siblings...

Hiro our furkid sitting like a good boy that he is in the car

Sorry I digressed. I am truly fond of my grandparents... Let's get back to the trip. It took us about an hour to look for the location where my late grandma was buried, but we did it! Because we've been staying in another state for so many years, we hardly visit her. We asked around a few times until we found the place. Hiro the furkid paid his goggie respect too. After that we toured around the town. Catherine is a fantastic driver! Here are some photos and more in Facebook!

While driving, we ended up in some back lane of shops and saw this woman sieving some grains. I'm not sure what, though. I took this photo in a moving car so it is not as clear as I want it to be.
The Taman Tasik Seremban (Seremban Park)
We stopped driving for a while and I hopped down to take some photos, but didn't spend much time there, though. I set my camera's white balance to "shade" for this photo and the above to achieve a warm effect.We passed through my former high school, the King George V
The trip will not be complete without a stop at the famous chicken rice shop, Chai Hong. Our memory failed us so Cat asked for direction to the restaurant. We found it and my mom was so excited!
Juicy, smooth, tender chicken meat. There was a long takeaway queue but we persevered. We paid MYR50 (~USD14) for the meal (a tad pricey for a chicken rice meal) but it was more than worth it.
We ordered beansprouts too. Crunchy and delicious! At this juncture, I must say that the service was great and the boss lady and staff were friendly. They show no air or snobbishness unlike some supposedly well known eateries.
We walked to the Seremban Siew Pao shop after our hearty lunch and saw this white kitty with a blue eye on one side and brown on the other
Cat took hold of my camera while I loaded the tray with goodies. No prize for guessing, she went into "shooting mode" and took a couple of my candid shots.
The sisters' self portrait
Just before we headed for the highway back to Kuala Lumpur (about an hour's drive), we stopped over at the Museum Negeri and launched into a mini photo op
Cat stuck her head into the steam engine and was at it for quite some time. I wonder what she found in there... She's always full of brilliant ideas.
Poser Cat. Me thinks the pink curtains look good with her.
This is the Rumah Negeri Sembilan in which Cat took the above photo. It is built in typical Minangkabau style. A maximum of 12 persons are allowed to enter the house at one time.
The Istana Ampang Tinggi Museum Negeri. It is a restored palace that houses exhibits of various old weapons as well as brass and silverware used by the Royal families.
It's time to go home! Hiro slept soundly in the car after a tiring day *zZz*
There was a traffic congestion on the North-South Expressway but the cause was unknown
More photos in Facebook!

We reached home safe and sound. We now make it a point to visit late grandma every year.