Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kea Farm at Cameron Highlands

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This post is about our family trip up to Cameron Highlands in celebration of Mother's Day in May this year. In the last post, you've seen the Bee Farm. This time, I will take you around Kea Farm for some shopping. Kea Farm, a day market, is a popular tourist spot that sells local produce such as vegetables, strawberries, flowers, cactus and potted plants. There are many stalls selling the same stuff, so they'd be calling out to you to entice you with their products. Here are some photos I took--enjoy!

@ Kea Farm
Fancy some fried mushrooms? Get them at this stall.
Cat turned a pair of them into mom's horns! Mom's totally amused and so was I...
Mom having fun shopping
The vegetables are wrapped in plastic bags and we bought them really cheap at 10 assorted bags for MYR10 (US$2.80). You can't get this type of bargain anywhere else. The veggies are very fresh.
Huge melons!
Juicy strawberries!
Cat on the phone with her boy-boy and she didn't realize I took this candid shot
Rose with her stylish sunnies

Coming up in the very near future (and also the final post on Mother's Day at Cameron Highlands) is the mini tours around the butterfly farm, cactus farm and strawberry park. Stay tuned!

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