Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Teaser Tuesdays: Pick Me Up (And, Bee Farm at Cameron Highlands)

Here's page 88 of the fun book Pick Me Up by Zoe Rice:
Nope. I've erected an antimagnetic-field dome around myself, and I'll be darned if I let anyone through.

@ The Bee Farm, Cameron Highlands: I would also like to share with you our visit to the Bee Farm in Cameron Highlands. This is a continuation of the Cameron Highlands series, and the trip was made in May 2009. The bee farm is managed by Ee Feng Gu. According to them, although the bees have poisonous sting, they are always under tight control and would not simply sting anyone. Therefore, it is very safe and children are encouraged to visit so that they can learn more about bees and honey. Mom, Rose, Catherine, and I went for a short tour there before we visit other places of interest.

Mom sandwiched by Cat and Rose
There are lots of cute bee statues like the ones below
The bees at the "bee hunting box"
I *heart* the glorious cotton candy blue sky
Lots of pretty flowers too
The sky's a beautiful shade of blue. The signage said "Trapping of Bees Area: This is the area where the bees pass through during the 'swarm' session. There is honey in the 'bee hunting box' to attract the bees."

I hope you've enjoyed this short tour at the bee farm! More mini tours coming right up.