Saturday, July 04, 2009

Tea time with family at Garden, 1 Utama

I watched ICE AGE: DAWN OF THE DINOSAURS and had a great laugh with my family together with all the other moviegoers in the cinema. We watched it at the GSC cinema in 1 Utama. It was hilarious and heartwarming with a good storyline to boot.

After the movie, we got hungry and decided to go to Garden Lifestyle Store and Cafe for our makan-makan. I've been there a few weeks ago with my mom and sisters Rose and Catherine, and liked the place. We decided to go again, but this time the dining experience was less satisfying. The food was not as good as before.

I like the wedding-like padded hardcover menu. The contents were even better featuring cute cat illustrations and various types of flowers, besides the food and drinks options.
My two beautiful sisters, Catherine (left) and Rose
Lovely ambience
Michael's mocha
Fries as a side dish
The Garden Sandwich that I enjoyed the last time I was here (because there was lots of butter on the toasted bread), but this time it was not so good
John's pasta and it tasted quite good
The somewhat weird chicken wings

What we liked about the cafe:
  • Great ambience and loved the garden concept
  • The staff was courteous despite the stress evident on their faces
  • The supervisor or manager was efficient in handling our dissatisfaction. He courteously asked if we could fill out the comment form, and boy, my brother John did give his best write-up. He viewed our complaint seriously and took immediate action. Earlier we gently rejected his offer of complimentary coffee (because that's not why we offered our feedback), but later he came by and gave us dainty cakes and asked us to accept the cafe's apology. We appreciated his gesture.
What we disliked about the cafe:
  • Food and some drinks came slow
  • Food quality not consistent and not as good as the previous visit
  • My coffee came last and almost toward the end of my sandwich even though the server asked if I would like my coffee to come in the beginning or at the end of the meal, and I told her the former
Our conclusion: Maybe the cafe couldn't handle large crowds especially during weekends. The staff became rather kelam-kabut and you could see the stress on their faces in handling orders and requests by customers.

Would I return to the Garden? Yes, I would and to make sure I appreciate the experience better, I'd do so during weekdays, non-peak hours.

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