Monday, July 27, 2009

Marriage Proposal Event @ Tropicana City (And preview screening of THE PROPOSAL)

Last Saturday, I’ve got a free ticket from my colleague and went to watch the preview screening of THE PROPOSAL at the Tropicana City Mall. I decided to give its free shuttle service a try, so I went to the opposite side of the Kelana Jaya LRT station to board the bus. The movie screening was 12.30 PM but registration began from 11.30 AM so I took the 10.30 AM bus. The bus arrived on the dot and zipped off the moment everyone's on board. I was impressed with its punctuality. 5 minutes later I arrived at the Mall because the traffic was smooth.

Coffee beckoned me and I headed straight to Starbucks, which is right at the entrance. I settled for their breakfast set—sausage omelette sandwich and a mug of coffee—at only MYR6.95 (US$1.90). As I was enjoying my breakfast I could hear the marriage proposal event going on, which had started at 10.00 AM. While attacking my sandwich, I was contemplating whether or not to take photos and decided to do it.

So this is what I did after my breakfast (see photos below). Once again, this event was held in Tropicana City Mall in conjunction with the release of THE PROPOSAL in cinemas on July 30. There are more photos in my Facebook album so please be sure to visit.

One of the couples being interviewed
Where did all the contestants go? They were behind the backdrop as requested by the MC. The MC called the couples to stage one by one.
Other participants or shoppers waiting eagerly for the couples to get romantic
The many expressions of the judges

Ten couples were required to express their love to each other without using speech or their mouth. No PDA (public display of affection) but as you can see later, it's hard to do so for the lovebirds. They couldn't keep their hands off each other! *GRIN*

The first couple. The guy did a sweet thing. He expressed his love by making the I-want-to-have-babies-with-you sign. There and then, I had a feeling he's going to win this thing.
The second couple. Although there was not much action, you could literally feel the affection oozing out from them.
The third couple. You ain't heavy, darling, you're my wife-to-be!
The fourth couple. He gave her his heart and she was moved to tears...
The fifth couple. They love to dance and CAN dance!
The sixth couple. They loved smiling and they're wearing the LOVE t-shirts for him and her.
The seventh couple. They loved snuggling and hugging each other; very happy together.
The eighth couple. Very sweet and they danced too.
Romeo for the ninth couple. He was creative and drew the word L-O-V-E using his butt. Cute!
Last but not least, the last couple. He went on bended knees and yes, proposed...
The watching crowd

Before I proceed with the announcement of the "expression of love" winners, the MC also announced the winners for the earlier session. If I'm not mistaken, it's for the best dressed session. So here you go.

All together now

Here are the winners of the "expression of love" couples. And you know what, I've guessed correctly for the winners! Here you go:

Second runner up: The guy who gave his heart and in so doing, moved his darling to tears
First runner up: The rose-in-his-mouth guy who drew L-O-V-E with his butt
The champion: The guy who wants to have babies with his beloved (YAY, I guessed correctly!)
One more photo of the couple with Carven Ong, a couture and wedding specialist
All the three winning couples
A group photo
And, an even BIGGER group photo with all who had signed up and participated

Before I took the above group photo (which I ran up one floor to do so), I slipped and hurt my knees because I didn't see a patch of water on the floor. Why was it wet in the first place, I didn't know. Still I was too excited and wanted to take the group photo that the pain didn't register until later. Thank goodness my camera was OK. The other photographer was already there and he asked if I was OK. There were three of us photographers up there.

After I was done with the event, I looked for my colleagues (Tim and wife, Michelle and YCK, Jac and Aaron, and Izza and Ihsan) and met with them inside the cinema for the preview screening of THE PROPOSAL. I loved the movie. Many thanks to my colleague, Tim, and his friend, Penny, who got us all the free movie tickets!