Friday, July 17, 2009

Cameron Highlands: Revisit

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Yep, I'm NOT done yet with my Cameron Highlands (CH) posts in celebration of Mother's Day. My last CH post was on May 17. I am now revisiting the trip exactly two months later. In this post you'll see that we'd checked in into our two-room apartment at Equatorial Cameron Highlands situated at the highest point of the highlands.

We totally enjoyed our stay there. The front-office staff were helpful and friendly. The apartment was spacious. I didn't really like the color of the furniture but that's not a problem at all. We did have problem with the water heater and it took a while for the folks from maintenance to fix it. Let's take a tour around the hotel!

Outside our apartment
Unloading our stuff
The bedroom with a king-sized bed and bathroom. There's a television in there too.
The bedroom with two single beds and bathroom, but without television
The neat and clean kitchen. This was really, really great because mom brought all her utensils for a steamboat dinner. We chucked foodstuff into the fridge and later mom prepared dinner.
Let's take a look at the view outside. We didn't get the best view.
Construction everywhere...
Cat took the opportunity for photoshoot
This is candid shot of Michael emo-ing. Well, actually he's fixing the blinds.
I took a walk outside and loved the surroundings
Lots of pretty pink and red petals!

Approaching our apartment, I saw mom and Michael so I zoomed in to them
Dinner time!
Piping hot steamboat, perfect for the cool weather!
More photos at my public Facebook album (to be uploaded)!

Coming up next, I'll take you shopping at Kea Farm; and tours around the butterfly farm, cactus farm, strawberry park, and the bee farm. Stay tuned!

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