Friday, July 03, 2009

A Bookish Flowchart

I came up with a bookish flowchart some time ago just for the fun of it. The process begins from finding the book, to buying, and all the way to cataloguing and blogging about it.

I usually found great books either from fellow bookbloggers' blogsites or from other sources of media. I would then either shop online or at my favourite bookstores. What I don't buy now, I put them into my wishlist (fiction and non-fiction). You would also see the list of all my favourite bookstores in the flowchart.

My Bookish Flowchart

You can see or download the larger version of this flowchart here.

Bookish memes such as the Mailbox Monday encourages me to "blog about new purchase" and Teaser Tuesdays adds on to my eventual reviews of those books.

Blogging about books and reading is so much fun! I would love to hear about your bookish habits too! Do share.
Coming up next on Monday, July 6: Special appearance by Karen E. Olson author of THE MISSING INK!