Sunday, May 31, 2009

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe, Terminal 3, Changi Airport

It's my last day in Singapore and time to return to Malaysia... Mr and Mrs Anon accompanied me to the Changi Airport and I'm really blessed for having friends like them. After checking in at Terminal 1, we boarded the Skytrain to Terminal 3 for lunch. We settled down at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe. The Terminal 3 tour will be coming soon! But first, here's the mini food report at the cafe.
@ Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe My black pepper chicken with rice
Yummy french toast that the three of us shared
Mrs Anon's luncheon meat noodles Mr Anon's baked cheese pork chop noodles
(I hope I got the dish name right)
The roti prata that we also shared
After this hearty meal, we went to Ya Kun (also at Terminal 3 and Mr Anon's favourite kopitiam) for a second round of yamcha...
I had a pleasant surprise when Mr and Mrs Anon presented me with a book by Michael Connelly! Mr Anon said it's one of his favourite books and I'm so touched by this. Thank you so much!
Michael Connelly's The Overlook that received a starred review from the Publishers WeeklyComplete with a personalized message:
"Our Dear Alice, thank you for staying with us. We hope you truly enjoyed your stay in our humble crib, and you are always welcome back to stay with us again. PS: Anon hope you'll continue to like Michael Connelly. It's one of Anon's favourites!"
Mr and Mrs Anon, thank YOU for your hospitality and generosity. I have enjoyed my stay very much and both of you are so much fun to be with. I'm missing both of you already, and definitely can't wait to return to Singapore! Have a great week ahead and stay bubbly, you two! *GRIN*