Saturday, June 27, 2009

Do-It-Yourself LERBERG Shelf from IKEA

Stuff are strewn around in my study room and I can no longer endure the mess. When my brother decided to go to IKEA after our family movie session (we watched 17 Again starring Zac Afron), I thought that was the opportunity to do something about organizing stuff in the room. Plus, I also need to hunt for two suitable boxes required by my office.

Half way through browsing at IKEA, we stopped by the cafe for dinner. I had the chicken ham and cheese with refillable coffee
At home, I started working straight away to assemble my LERBERG shelf unit
I opened the box...
...and took away the plastic covers and arranged the pieces before I joined them all together
Tah-daah! It's done! Here's how my stuff are organized:
  1. The top deck is used for some of my magazines and my most-listened-to CDs. The white magazine boxes and orange CD box are also today's latest addition.
  2. The second deck is used for the books I intend to read immediately, so instead of crowding my writing/computer table, they now have a place.
  3. The third deck is used for the books pending review and to help me remember, I put them into the red box so at one glance I know I need to review them as soon as possible
  4. The last deck is used for my camera bag and laptop backpack.

Such is the arrangement until I decide further on its utilization.