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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Do-It-Yourself LERBERG Shelf from IKEA

Stuff are strewn around in my study room and I can no longer endure the mess. When my brother decided to go to IKEA after our family movie session (we watched 17 Again starring Zac Afron), I thought that was the opportunity to do something about organizing stuff in the room. Plus, I also need to hunt for two suitable boxes required by my office.

Half way through browsing at IKEA, we stopped by the cafe for dinner. I had the chicken ham and cheese with refillable coffee
At home, I started working straight away to assemble my LERBERG shelf unit
I opened the box...
...and took away the plastic covers and arranged the pieces before I joined them all together
Tah-daah! It's done! Here's how my stuff are organized:
  1. The top deck is used for some of my magazines and my most-listened-to CDs. The white magazine boxes and orange CD box are also today's latest addition.
  2. The second deck is used for the books I intend to read immediately, so instead of crowding my writing/computer table, they now have a place.
  3. The third deck is used for the books pending review and to help me remember, I put them into the red box so at one glance I know I need to review them as soon as possible
  4. The last deck is used for my camera bag and laptop backpack.

Such is the arrangement until I decide further on its utilization.


  1. I just love your shelves. They are so organised - will have to take a picture of my desk which is so unorganised.

    Ikea is just fabulous and so reasonable. I got my bookshelves from there.

  2. You should see my shelves! They're not nearly as organized and neat as your new one. :-) Enjoy! (You've also reminded me that it's lunch time, and I am really hungry!)

  3. That sandwich looks great!! Good work on he shelves!

  4. Ikea is so awesome. Lol, I enjoy walking through and buying absolutely nothing. The furniture is really fun to fix. Its like lego, only you can actually use the stuff you build!

  5. Wooo, it is a good idea actually toget the shelf, my room is like an aftermath of war! Mmm... need one too...

  6. how much are they? only black color?

  7. The sandwich looks delicious! And I like your new shelf! :)

  8. Hi Wendy! I really want to see your shelves!

    Thanks, Barbara! The cheese's great!

    Hi Stanley, I agree with you. IKEA is awesome! I'm getting addicted to these DIY stuff. :D

    Hi George! I hope you get one and have fun organizing your room. It's daunting in the beginning, but once you get started, it's hard to stop!

    Hi Anon, it's RM59 per unit and it's dark grey in colour. :)

    Thanks, Melody! The shelf made a huge difference in keeping the room neat.

  9. Wow Alice, this is so neat. Everything looks so organized and clean I need a new shelf too, I guess I should get one of these assemble yourself shelves.

  10. I love that they don't take up too much space :)

  11. I;ve never been in IKEA before but I heard good thing about it. I enjoy looking at your new organize shelf!

    I'm looking forward to seeing "17 Again" from netflix!

  12. great job with the shelves and that sandwich looks

  13. Thanks, Violet! It's really fun building these DIY shelves. You might get sweaty at the end of it but it was a great feeling of satisfaction. :D

    Precisely, Rhinoa! :D

    Thanks, Julia! I can't wait to hear what you think about 17 AGAIN. Ooooh... that reminded me of Zac Efron and his six packs again... LOL!

    Thanks, Naida! I can't argue with you on that. The sandwich does looks FANTASTIC. LOL!

  14. Hi Alice. I was thinking of buying these same shelves for my living room. Do you find that the unit is very sturdy? I have a rowdy beagle and a 2 year old daughter. They knock into things when they are not paying attention. Thanks for the info!

  15. Hi there, it's actually not very. I am using it to place my books and they're quite heavy so that make the shelves sturdy. By itself, it's pretty shaky... It'll probably not stand the test of staying upright with a beagle and little girl around.

    Although lightweight, it's ability to hold heavy stuff is admirable. :D


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