Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Day One: Kuala Lumpur-Singapore AND Dinner at Jumbo, East Coast Seafood Centre

This post marks the beginning of my trip to Singapore that started on May 26 and ended on May 31. Lined up in the next few days are the daily posts of the trip. I hope you'll enjoy the "revisit" with me!

At the Low Cost Carrier (LCC) Terminal, Malaysia. The LCC Terminal is located about 20 KM from the KLIA Main Terminal Building.
Waiting to board my plane
Boarded! And now waiting to fly... The plane's not full and next to me were two empty seats. It was a very comfortable flight.
I'm up, up, up in the air! I was lucky to get a very nice window seat.
It was raining when I arrived at Singapore
I made my way to the baggage claim area
And collected my luggage

At Jumbo, East Coast Seafood Centre: Lugging my baggage with me, I met up with my ex-colleagues for dinner at Jumbo Seafood. I couldn't wait to see them! Thanks guys for the great dinner treat! The food's delicious!
At Jumbo Seafood
Here were some of the dishes we ordered:

Coming up next: Photos of my room at the Royal Plaza on Scotts where I stayed a night, for the conference I was invited to speak in.