Friday, June 12, 2009

Day Four: The Arts House, Kangxi Emperor Exhibition, and The Sail @ Marina Bay

Before I go on, let's have some recap on my Singapore trip last month.
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I had a yummy breakfast+coffee refills with Mr Anonymous (Anon) at IKEA Alexandra Road. He accompanied me until Lenny came to pick me up. Anon then went shopping for more ingredients for his Thai Fiesta treat the next day.
A while later, Lenny arrived and together we went to a food court for lunch
I had wanted nasi lemak but it was finished so I improvised...
Thumbs up!
This sure looks appetizing! Great choice, Lenny!
With full tummies, we went to The Arts House at the Old Parliment

Inside, I enjoyed the quiet atmosphere with lovely background music. Lenny and I opened a few of these compartments below. After this shot, we pushed them back into their slots.

Several volumes of the English Report

Various exhibits on display

I fell in love with this photo. I like how the photo frame stood beside the two old books. The elegant lady in the photo was Elizabeth Choy (1910-2006).

After our short tour at the Arts House, we moved on to The Kangxi Emperor Exhibition at the Asian Civilisations Museum located just a few steps away

We're getting there...

Arrived at the ACM!

Lenny with his Emperor sticker. Thanks to him, the tickets to the exhibition were complimentary. He has a pass issued by the National Heritage Board (NHB) that gives unlimited free admissions to NHB's museums!

Lenny and yours truly

Lenny also brought me to The Sail @ Marina Bay for a great view of Singapore
Go all the way up to 44th Floor sky terraces and you get a breathtaking view of the skyline and the sea. Lenny is one happy "tour guide"

Thank you, Lenny, for all the wonderful tours! More photos of the view in my public Facebook album (to be uploaded).